Product Support

Our experienced team can expertly handle the following issues:

Online Windows Support:

We can handle all Windows issues, no matter which version you use. Our technical experts are available 24/7, each day of the year to be of assistance to you, be it for the installation, configuration, un-installation, or re-installation of Windows. Our online Windows support takes place through the remote access whereby you do not need a technician physically present at your location to repair your computer.

Antivirus Support:

But what if your antivirus fails to function adequately? This can happen either due to compatibility issues, improper installation, or improper configuration. This is where we come in. We provide you with cost effective antivirus support to resolve any kind of problem that you might face with your software.

Email Client Support:

At Tech-O-Help, we provide you with reliable email client support for any kind of issue that you might be encountering with your email. Our technicians resolve these problems through remote technical help which is cost effective as well as prompt.

Router Support:

There might be a number of issues that you can face with regards to routers like inability to install it, improper configuration, password issues, and problems in resetting it. In most situations, the absence of a professional expert in the picture can be quite frustrating as not many users have the required knowledge to deal with such problems satisfactorily.

Data Recovery and Backup:

Data recovery is the process through which data once lost can be salvaged by experts. Backup on the other hand is a preventive measure that ca n help you avoid such circumstances in the first place by storing your data at a remote location on the server.