Scams & Alerts

Online scam is a trick to defraud a person, group or organization by gaining their confidential information such as usernames, credit card numbers or may be bank account credentials. It is generally operated by notorious group of people to mislead computer users through fake email message, SMS, phone calls & letters. Scams are also associated with money-based hoaxes or far-fetched promises.

As we are aware that in last two decades the users of internet increased by leaps and bounds likewise online scams too have grown. These online scams trap credulous people into parting with their hard earned money for products or services that do not exist at all. There are some popular scams such as The Nigerian 419 letter scam, The Job Offer Scam, The Foreign Lottery scam, Work from home scam, Competition scam and many others.

The objective of Tech-O-Help scam alert is to protect users from becoming a victim of online frauds and scams. Tech-O-Help scam alert page is updated regularly to make computer users aware about most popular and latest online scams; we aim to educate users about the potential risk factors involved, the techniques scammers use to cheat, and also provide our users with the tips to prevent these scams. We sincerely hope that all our customers are going to be benefited with Tech-O-Help scams alert and help us to make a scam free environment.